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Friday, April 20, 2007

sizing question

hey all,

so i just got my yarn, this pretty purple/black highland wool from elann.com. i swatched up and got 18 stitches with size 8 needle and 20 with a size 7 (which is closer to the recommended gauge of the yarn). i don't think i'd want to go up to a 9 needle to get closer to the 17/4 gauge. after washing the swatch there doesn't seem to be any shrinkage.

i've been trying to figure out the math. i want a hoodie that will end up with a 40in circumference which would give me a nice couple of inches of ease. which size should i shoot for?

sorry my math is crap.
thanks for any help.


Kris said...

I also had a hard time deciding on size. I'm a 40 bust but noticed the size 40 comes out to about 41 (only one inch of ease)..so I went up a size and doing the 44. But, I also got gauge. I'm thinking if your knitting with a slightly larger gauge, and if my math is right...you could potentially knit the size 36 and gain about two inches.

I hope this isn't to confusing...I would just have to say Gauge Is Evil!!

Good luck.

Toad said...

I'm actually knitting the 44 as my gauge came out to 4.5 per inch with a size 8 needle. I wanted to make the 40 and have a couple of inches ease. Making the 44 with 4.5 stitches per inch using size 8 needles should give you a 40 with about 2 inches of ease. I had my LYS check my gauge, figure out the measurements and that's the route they told me to take and I'm taking it.

hilsbells said...

thanks for the comments.

i guess i'm still a bit confused.

if i figure 40 inches around is what i'm hoping to end up with, then at 4.5 stitches per inch i get 180 stitches around - which is about the stitch count for the size 40 pattern notes. if i go up to the 44 inch size then i'm looking at 43 inches around with my stitch count right?

ack. i'll probably stick to 4.5 at the 40 size. yikes. when did knitted get so complicated...

thanks again for the advice.

Kris said...

Okay..hold on to your needles, math on it's way. This is how I see it:

Pattern on Gauge is 17 st over 4in or 4.25 st per inch. I take the patterns measurements for the size 40. The measurements come to 41 inches.

4.25 x 41 = 174

Your gauge was 18 in over 4 in or 4.5 st per inch.

4.5 x 41 = 184

The difference between the two numbers is 10 stitches over 41 inches, which is roughly 2 inches increased by your gauge. If you plan on measuring the size 40 with your gauge you'll end up with a garment that is 43 inches thru the bust area. If you'd like to get closer to a 40 inch bust area without going over then I would knit the size 36 and you'll end up with a garment that measures 39 inches.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

Freda said...

Most reports have it that this knits up smaller than expected.

I got 4.25 stitches per inch on my swatch. I'm knitting the size 40 but it is coming out smaller unblocked.